Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Help Me Create My Reading List

Thanks to everyone who has responded and I hope to get more responses.  Read the original post below the list.  Post your feedback in the comments.  Tell me what to read, in what order I should read it, what I should take to heart and what I shouldn't and why.  Use the comments section here to guide me and I'll keep a running list of where I am in my reading.

Already Read (0)

Currently Reading (1)

  • Look Me in the Eye - John Alder Robinson

On the List to be Read (2)

  • Let Me Hear Your Voice - Catherine Maurice
  • Raising Brandon - Amalia Starr

I figured I might do well to post this request somewhere a little more permanent than Twitter.  As I'm just beginning my journey toward becoming an advocate and perhaps a therapist for children with autism (and because the earliest I'd be beginning graduate study in this area is this time next year), I wanted to start reading up now while I have the "spare" time.

Can this community help me create my reading list?  I'm looking for, primarily books, but also articles and blogs that will broaden my understanding of the autism spectrum.

So, what should I be reading, please :-)

Thanks, All


  1. I wrote a book, Raising Brandon about my thirty-seven year old autistic son. You may find it helpful and I am happy to send you a copy if you would like one. Good luck with your graduate program.
    Amalia Starr

  2. That would be fantastic, Amalia :-)

    If it's in PDF format, you could send it to juliet@daybreakautism.com. If it's in print, you can e-mail me for my snail mail address. Thank you so much. I can't wait to really start learning.

  3. Look me in the Eye, John Alder Robinson
    Let me hear your Vioce, Catherine Maurice

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