Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for Schools

So I just spent about the last hour floundering around online trying to figure out which universities offer 100% online master’s programs that will fulfill the requirements for the BCBA certification.

The coursework requirements listed at are:

Coursework: The applicant must complete 225 classroom hours of graduate level instruction (see Acceptable Coursework below) in the following content areas and forthe number of hours specified:
  1. Ethical considerations 15 hours
  2. Definition & characteristics and Principles, processes & concepts - 45 hours
  3. Behavioral assessment and Selecting intervention outcomes & strategies - 35 hours
  4. Experimental evaluation of interventions - 20 hours
  5. Measurement of behavior and Displaying & interpreting behavioral data - 20 hours
  6. Behavioral change procedures and Systems support 45 hours
Discretionary 45 hours

That’s a little jargon-y for me at this stage in all of it.  The BCBA site also has a list of schools that offer distance learning as well as those that offer on-campus (not an option for me).  Once I found that, I started e-mailing like crazy to the distance learning institutions.  We’ll see what I get back.

Posts may be a little sparse this month.  I got laid off from my full-time job last month and so now, I’m basically staying home with my son (can only work when he’s sleeping or when I have enough $ to pay someone to watch him).

On a brighter note, but no less exhausting, November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as we “WirMo’s” like to call it.  I haven’t written world 1 yet this year due to all of the above, but I have organized a “write-in” at a local bookstore for tomorrow and that should get me off to a good start.

More optimistic than I’ve felt in a long time, but somehow busier as well.  Thanks for listening, everyone and if you have good tips on the graduate degree thing, please add them to the comments section.

Cheerio for now!


  1. Wow, this process of searching for schools may be giving me some insight into what it might feel like to be behind your peers in learning to read or something similar.

    This is such new territory for me, that I read some of the descriptions of some of the programs and coursework and I'm just left completely behind on what it all adds up to.

    It reminds me of college Chemistry class where I could conceptualize that needed to happen...I could compose the correct equation, but I could never get all the little details in the math right (and to top it all off, I could never get the professor to start their equation in the same spot I'd started mine, so I could never find out where I went wrong). Anyway, tapping into some of my resources who've offered their help. If anyone else wants to chime in with thoughts, I'm all ears.

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